eBooks and Libraries

I have usually found that most librarians do support books in any format (once they get used to the idea), be it print, audio, or e-text. Some of the interesting things being done with libraries lately that I have found as exciting changes have been the libraries that have removed the reference section and replaced it with databases and ebook reference material. One big thing that could happen with a switch to ebooks for college libraries is that the libraries may also start including more novels and such for recreational reading and not just research reading. I think that such a change would be reflective of the change that all libraries seem to be going though. Ebooks seem to have been a catalyst for all kinds of change. Ebooks are having an impact change in educational textbooks, they have become one of the big user for high readers, and we can see changes occurring for libraries. Perhaps the future library (public, PK12, or college) will be more of a mix like bookstores became. They will be meeting and work spaces, along with having books, references and support persons. You will have access to local special collections, use terminals that are already connected to subscribed databases and you will be able to sit down and access the library books though your ebook device, perhaps some only short term (like a four hour check out) while others could be long term (two week check out), all while having a glass of tea or a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

Survey shows support among college librarians for switch to e-books
Many college librarians would favor a switch to all-digital materials if reliable access was available, a new study by nonprofit Ithaka S+R shows. Complicating the transition, though, are mixed views among library officials about how to proceed, and uncertainty about the costs and benefits of different systems for e-book access. InsideHigherEd.com (4/4)