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Study: E-readers tied to less frequent reading

Ok, from my experience there are a few things here that should be addressed. I don't think that they study is wrong but there are some considerations about the situations. First, not surprised that there is the interference issue. I would much prefer to read from my Kindle than my computer screen, we have lots of years reading with a position and focus range that has become comfortable, so with that and the lack of things like email popup or text messages, it makes sense that readers with physical books or devoted ereaders would be better, also while the iPads have a nice size screen, they do have all the other distractors and most phones have a much smaller screen for reading.  To me Madeline has the most important quote "I don't mind what I read as long as it's interesting,"  to her it is the story, and she is fine with Kindles. The part about the pictures is also important and is something that I think that ereader programs should consider. We already have lo…