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Reading with other Languages

A recent LA Times article (see link and more at bottom of post) writes about how ebook had help increase Spanish-language literature reading. Am I am sure that it did just that. One issue that I always had was finding books for my students to read in their own native language, this was something close to me as I experiences a similar loss in my youth. As an elementary student I started school in Italy, and while I went to school on a military base, we didn't live on base but instead in the local community. Even when I went on base the reading materials were not focused to my reading levels (although there were books available from our school library), but when not in session, we didn't have access to the school library. As such there were not many children's books available. One good thing then was that it did help make be learn to also read in Italian, but on the other hand for English there just wasn't much there. Then once we came back the the States (years later),…

Reasons for Eink

I realize how adaptable tablets and computers are and how much that they can do, but there are still reasons to use an eink device with your schools and textbooks. One big reason in the classroom would be battery life, that month on a charge ensures that the device will be working and then also if a students does stop it won't be all of them. For tablets, my worry about power would be for the teacher at the end of the day, if the students have been movie watching during lunch it could be quite possible for a good number of them to be it of charge by the end of the day. Then there is reading itself. There have been studies that have shown that reading with eink shows the same effects in the brain as reading from paper, but tablets are different, not necessarily bad, just different. Then too, that power issue come up again for extended reading, think an hour at a time. We want students to get into flow and close reading, and eink devices are good for that. Eink devices like the kind…