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Being Reading Active

There are a number of ways to integrate technology with reading, from the content you or your group may be reading, such as digital books, to activities around the reading, like mapping
or making booktalks, or even to how you might be discussing a book. While many might like their book clubs to get together in person, have a nice snack and talk about the story, don't forget those who may have a love of more esoteric genres and can't find many people in their area who don't really want to talk about paranormal romance, military science fiction, or perhaps novels written around 1910. Then too there are those who can't get someplace to talk about their books. I know that when I was a child in hospital, I would have loved to have the opportunity to talk or write about what I was reading with others who liked that book. So as you might be developing readings or associated activities don't forget to consider the three dimensions that students can interact using technolo…