Downloading ebooks at the library

I love this idea, it is the real integration of mobile technology, allowing it not only to be remote, but also in-person. Patrons bring in their ebook reader and apparently the library has a computer with appropriate dongles that will allow the device to be connected and then the patrons can download ebooks from the library directly into their ebook reading device - avoiding the requirement for the patrons to have internet at home.Hopefully ebook industry will also recognize this form of access and make the direct connections the same across devices.  Public libraries have become one of the community hot spots, they have expanded their service to the community to go beyond just the loaning of books (which I know they were always much more) to having tech services for internet access and downloadable media. While for some this may seem like a step backwards, because patrons have to come in, it is actually a step forward as it is recognizing the device as a legitimate in-person library resource. I'm sure that for a number of people, the ebook device in the library also is offering them the opportunity to get direct instruction and assistance in the device use. 

The article also makes mention that ebook devices are a growing trend for senior citizens, in art for the option of adaptable text size. Truly this is one of the great advantages of ebooks, their accommodation features. Options such as large print can make reading possible and decrease reading errors. I'm glad to see recognition of these kind of features as one of the reasons that people are starting to use ebook readers, it can make such a difference to the reader and make a library's collection that much more accessible to all. 

Library Downloading For Your eBook  The days of checking out a good paperback from your neighborhood library are not over, they're just up against the eBook. Throughout the Southern Tier Library systems, neighbors can bring their personal eBook into their library and download up to five books.  WETM-TV