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Classroom Ebook Gift Cards

Tis the season, and perhaps you have been thinking about either getting that teacher a present, or perhaps you are considering that the end of the year is rapidly approaching and you wanted to make a classroom contribution (taxes you know). Have you considered donating books to a classroom though ebook donations. If a school or classroom is already using an ebook device, like the Kindle, Nook, or Sony (and others), it is possible to either purchase specific books for others or purchase an ebook gift card that can be used to purchase additional books for the classroom device.

So, if you are thinking about getting something for that teacher, classroom, or school library, and you are not sure just what book that they may need or want, and there is an e-reading device that they are using - consider giving that teacher, classroom or school an electronic book or ebook gift cards.

Amazon Kindle Cards

Nook Gift Cards

Sony eBook Store Gift Card

Art Project - adding ebooks to art

Konstantin Somov -  Lady in Blue (1900) with a Kobo Touch

Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin - The Young Schoolmistress (1740) with a Kindle Fire

Digital Bookmobile

Well, I'm excited, the Digital Bookmobile is coming to town. While traveling libraries, or bookmobiles have become pretty rare, I'm glad to say that Overdrive has created their own Digital Bookmobile and it is traveling across the country and next week it is coming to my town. The Digital Bookmobile started in Texas on Nov 1 and is currently traveling though the south east US.  While I do wish that it had the printing capabilities for public domain ebooks that the Internet Archive and Million Book project did, I'm glad to see my local library working to promote more digital readers. So if it coming to your town, get your digital reader or MP3 player and stop by the Overdrive Digital Bookmobile when it comes to your area.

See where the Digital Bookmobile is at