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Halloween Horror

Happy Halloween, and if today didn’t provide enough horror about some more in an ebook format?  While everyone may have to read works by Poe and Lovecraft (and indeed nothing wrong with them), lets also consider adding some other authors who students may have heard of but not considered part of the horror genre. From my own youth I’m suggesting Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs. Howard is famous for his Conan character (who did have a movie this year) and of course Burroughs most famous character is Tarzan, although John Carter of Mars will soon be out as a movie too. For these two authors I’m suggesting that we might let students read works such as Howard’s short story Pigeons from Hell, a kind of southern (post Civil War) horror story, and Burroughs’ the Monster Men, a more fun and adventurous kind of book about re-animation of the dead.
Pigeons from Hell

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But it is it different?

Whenever I do a talk about ebooks I pretty much always hear people saying that they don't feel that ebooks are the same, that you get something different from the look and feel of a paper printed book (and other things like the smell of a book). I agree with a lot of those things too, and I'm also sure that the feel and smell of the horse was different from the car, but both got people from place to place, but for the most part only one is really in use as standard transportation today. The difference between reading from a text is printed on paper and reading from etext on the ereader has now been solved, there is no difference. Researchers in Germany have found that there was no difference when scanning peoples brains as they read from paper than has a red from the and the reader. The the study analyzed differences in reading from different kinds of books digital ink tablet PC and printed paper. The reading behavior of the readers was analyzed through eye movement (eye track…

Three Musketeers ebook

I was just reading an announcement that came out that if you buy tickets to see the new Three Musketeers movie though Fandango, you will receive a free eBook of the original novel from WOWIO.  While I'm glad to see ebook support going with WOWIO, support for classics reading, and I'm sure that the book (with it's movie tie-in cover) will do well, I kind of wish that the movie's web site ( had just given away the public domain book them selves. It would have been a nice bonus from their site to have links to the kindle/nook/ePub/etc versions of the book and perhaps even the audiobook version.

So while I am sure that I will be going to the movie, I don't usually buy my tickets through online, and I thought that there may be quite a few others like me, I've put together quickly a few sites that provide the famous Dumas novel for free reading and listening to online or for download:

Audiobook Version:
Books Should be Free (Librivox recor…