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A Little Ranting on Will ____ Ever Completely Replace _______

I do get so tired of seeing headlines like "Will Ebooks Ever Completely Replace Print?"

I put such things up there with:
Will Cars Ever Completely  Replace Horses?Will Microwaves Ever Completely Replace Stoves/Ovens?Will Color TV Ever Completely Replace Black & White?Will TV Ever Completely Replace Movie Theaters?Will Talkies Every Completely Replace Silent Movies?Will Cell/Smart Phones Ever Completely Replace Land Lines?Will Cloth Ever Completely Replace Animal Skins?Will Self-Driving Cars Completely Replace Standard Cars? I seriously doubt that anything ever gets completely replaced. I see it more like a half-life decay/reaction, things are changing and often by quite a bit, but in the end there is always a bit left of what you started with, it never seems to go to total change over. Horses still have jobs, black and white movies are still made, some people still use land lines, and some people still wear fur. With things like books, I think that it will be that way too…