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Saving Money with E-Textbooks

I think that schools will (at least for the most part) be going digital with their textbooks, if only for the costs.
A big meeting was held about digital textbooks into U.S. classrooms by the FCC and the Department of Education, included everyone from Apple to Intel to McGraw-Hill was in attendance.  Their finding were that doing so could save about $60 per student per year - something that could be a nice summative savings. I equate this to how Pres. J. Carter "found" so much oil, by having us use less such as by increased gas mileage.  I know that 60$ doesn't sound like much, although trying to get a 60$/student increase today would seem impossible, but remember how many students that there are and then start adding the years.

In my district if we could that would mean: 60 $/student 200,000 students in my school district =12,000,000 $saving/year
At a school were the state just told us we had to cut 6 million dollars, a 12 million savings in a year, would be a great thi…