iPads and Textbooks - and a battery backup

To me the idea digital textbook will most likely be a hybrid of the new pad devices and the e-ink readers. The iPad is a great device and able to run multiple ebook formats, it is highly intuitive in operation, and the touch color LCD display works great, but that said, at best you could get maybe a day's worth of battery life. The latest version of e-ink devices now runs for between two weeks and a month on a charge. So when students were just doing reading, taking notes from a book, etc, it would be better done with the low power option, and then switch to the more active display for other things. I just remember when I introduced a set of digital cameras for my students to use in my science class, even though I was using long lasting rechargeable batteries, I was amazed at how quickly students could drain them, often in just one class period. I think it is a great idea to start replacing textbooks with digital versions, such as could run on an iPad. For schools that are doing this, remember to design/plan for what will you do when a student shows up to class with their digital textbook batteries dead, as most classrooms don't have a lot of wall plugs.  Any school that does do this should plan for some kind of battery back up (such as the Zaggsparq 2.0, or other similar product), which will connect the the device and allow the student to continue use during class time.

Delaware high school replaces textbooks with iPads
A Delaware high school plans to replace textbooks with iPads this fall to help expose students to the technology they likely are to use in their future careers. School officials say the iPad was a good choice for the school because of its mobility, simplicity and educational applications. The Daily Times (Salisbury, Md.) (3/23)