One of the things that I love about ebooks is how accommodating they can be. In this case it is a factor of the teachers working ahead of time to pre-accommodate the texts that will be read, by providing clues and such to the texts. We often do this with printed works also, but those actions taken often "harm" the text as we have had to use highlighters, or have written on the text to add underlines and notes. The great thing about the ebook file is that when you do this for one you can distribute it to as many as you need.

E-readers help customize lessons for Ohio students
Educators at one Ohio school say Kindle e-readers are fostering individualized learning. The devices allow reading assignments and lessons to be customized for each student, with highlighted sections and relevant definitions at the ready. "The biggest advantage of the Kindles is the ability for teachers to leave notes within the text. The Kindle will also read the book aloud and enlarge the font," teacher Sandy Gemmel said. The Cincinnati Enquirer (3/3)