ebooks and motivation

As a classroom teacher I used to use just about anything I could (within reason) to get my students motivated in what they were to be learning that day. From interesting stories, hands on labs, fun demonstrations, and stuff like that I would integrate them if they helped motivate my student in their learning. Once I had students who use to go off-roading on the weekends, so when teaching vectors, I didn't just show them in class, we went outside, got a sample truck, then using rope and two of the small girls from class, proceeded to use vector strategies to start pulling the truck, the students were amazed and then were motivated to learn how vectors worked. If technology can help motivate students to get into the practice and then love of reading, then use any and all technology available. I feel today that it was the books that I read as a child, that love of reading and reading as much as I could from books that I liked that enabled me to get to where I am today. Yes, for some students they will want to use the ebook device and a new toy, but play and toys can be effective learning tools, so as long as it gets them to read more, go for it. To me it doesn't matter if it electronic or print, as long as it gets them started and motivated to read, and read, and read

Can e-books motivate students to read more?
An Arizona elementary school is testing a new type of book club that aims to encourage students to read more by using electronic books. The Nook Club allows sixth-grade students to use the e-reader for two weeks. One school librarian said the e-readers are not expected to replace traditional books but could help motivate students to read more. The Arizona Republic (Phoenix) (3/27)