Technology in and of itself is never the answer, instead I have usually found it to be about interaction and engagement with the content and the tools of learning. Yes, there may be some initial technology attraction that can help you push though the cognitive overload of learning with a new tool, but in the long run it is usually what you do in the learning that can really help. Here is where I think that ebook devices have the advantage over printed text, just that you can do things like interact with your textbook to highlight, bookmark, and take virtual "margin notes" (all things that you are not allowed to do with a school book).

Educator: Classroom technology should be about student engagement
The key reason to implement such technology as the iPad and iPod Touch in the classroom is student engagement, says Patrick McGee, the assistant principal of a Florida school. He says the technology can be used to increase productivity or involve students in activities that were uninteresting to them as a pen-and-paper process, naming iBooks, LogMeIn, KeyNote and Pages among his favorite apps. T.H.E. Journal (3/2)