Ebooks for Elementary Schools

Just heard from one of my publishers that my Ebooks for Elementary School books will be out soon.
It is a combination reference, tutorial, and strategy guide will help all teachers and school librarians to effectively use the reading applications described, regardless of the classroom computing platform.

eBooks offer students as well as teachers, school and public librarians, and parents tremendous possibilities. This book explains how to expand and enhance the reading experience through the use of technology.

Today, eBooks are everywhere, and the use of digital learning materials is beginning to supplant traditional printed materials. As the world shifts to digital books, both teachers and students need to be comfortable and effective using materials in this format. This book helps you to apply eBook materials to existing curricula to create interactive educational activities and have access to more materials to support reading instruction, literacy, standards, and reading in the content areas. The book also contains a chapter dedicated to using eBooks to help emergent or struggling readers.

• Explains how any teacher or librarian can get started on the integration process of using eBooks as reading tools
• Covers all the key critical information regarding eBook use: the different formats of eBooks and readers as well as how to collect and hold eBook files
• Provides information on where teachers can get thousands of free digital books for their students to use, including text, audio, and video books

History of eBooks
Classroom and Literacy Applications
Content Area Reading
Creating Your Own eBooks
Free eBooks
eBook Borrowing
eBook Hardware/Software
Special Needs