Device Rental

I think that something like this makes a great bridge for allowing one-to-one computing and being able to put an ebook device into everyone's hands. This seems like a kind of adaptation on the bring your own device option that seems to being successful. The cost to update school systems may be too much for them to be able to do in the current economy. Large schools systems have often been working or a rotation basis for their schools, but this means that every school that gets technology is getting something different than last year's and it means that you can't implement district wide policy as some schools just are not there yet. And by the time they are the first schools have such old tech that they need to be updated.  Options like implementing a buy/rental program and bring-your-own-device create workable options for schools to start integrating today's ebook technology today, and not sometime in the next few years.

Calif. school to require students to have iPads
A California high school will require all students to provide their own iPads or rent them through the school beginning in the next academic year. Students will use the devices -- which cost $20 a month -- in class and at home. Officials say the curriculum will be compatible with all versions of the iPad to allow families to provide older models they might already own. The Orange County Register (Santa Ana, Calif.) (5/24)