Halloween Horror

Happy Halloween, and if today didn’t provide enough horror about some more in an ebook format?  While everyone may have to read works by Poe and Lovecraft (and indeed nothing wrong with them), lets also consider adding some other authors who students may have heard of but not considered part of the horror genre. From my own youth I’m suggesting Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs. Howard is famous for his Conan character (who did have a movie this year) and of course Burroughs most famous character is Tarzan, although John Carter of Mars will soon be out as a movie too. For these two authors I’m suggesting that we might let students read works such as Howard’s short story Pigeons from Hell, a kind of southern (post Civil War) horror story, and Burroughs’ the Monster Men, a more fun and adventurous kind of book about re-animation of the dead.

Pigeons from Hell