Bring your own device...

If we could decide on a base format, such as EPUB, then we could instead of buying textbooks, just set a textbook DRM to one year, and then lend digital textbooks to students using their own devices. The idea of students using their own devices could open up lots of opportunities and savings for school systems. Yes, I'm sure that some student's wouldn't have their own device, but there the school could lease or check out ones to the students who don't have their own. As a non-tax or deductible item parents could purchase ebook devices for their students - perhaps at a discount, and then use them in schools. Schools wouldn't have to purchase an ebook device for every student, just those who were unable to get their own. I'm pretty sure also that as the devices become more available and customization occurs (skins and such) that more students would want to get their own, instead of the school issued one. I believe that cell phones could be a proof of concept tool. Right now most high schools find that cellphones are at about 90-100% saturation, every student has one. A large number of those are already smart phones, such as the iPhone, which already can be ebook devices. This idea could indeed bridge the tech gap between schools and home, actually opening up opportunities for both.

Ariz. district considers bring-your-own-technology policy
District officials in Scottsdale, Ariz., are considering allowing students to bring their own mobile devices to school to give students more access to technology for learning purposes. "For many students, they have much more access to technology at home than at school, and this would be one way to bridge that gap," district technology official Tom Clark said. However, concerns over security, infrastructure and appropriate-use policies must be addressed before such a policy can be implemented, he added. The Arizona Republic (Phoenix) (7/13)