Tablets & impact

While some may look at tablets taking away from dedicated ebook readers, I don't really see it that way. Tablets are chosen for their ease of use and acceptability. I know that I often use mine when watching a show, to look up some interesting facts (like when watching The Glades to see what pregnancy lollipops were), checking email during  advertising, or finding out what song was playing during a sequence. But for the most part I use my tablet for short term reading. When I really want to spend some time reading, by ebook device does a better job, it weighs less, lasts longer, and fits in my hand better. At the same time, I'm thinking that for many a tablet would be a gateway device to an ebook reader, once you start finding things to read that you like, you will want more.

Tablets chip away at laptops, e-readers
Survey data from Parks Associates indicate that 10.5 million American households now contain at least one tablet PC -- the equivalent of 13% of all broadband-connected homes -- and the growth shows no signs of abating. Parks predicts that 6 million homeowners will buy a tablet PC this year instead of a laptop or other mobile device and says that even those who earlier had no plans to buy a computer of any type this year -- 4 million households -- are now preparing to jump on board. TWICE (6/24)