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Student Ebook Reading Surges During the Pandemic

Between March 2020 and February 2021, ebook usage at schools increased dramatically. "It's really quite stunning," says Angela Arnold, general manager of OverDrive Education. "We have seen a real paradigm shift in perceptions about digital books. Prior to the pandemic digital books were nice to have and seen as accessories, or digital resources with very specific utility. Where we are today in 2021, I think digital books are more perceived as a necessity." Full Story:  Tech & Learning  (5/21) 

COVID brings more ebook use in schools

  Survey: Increased ebook usage & value amid COVID-19 With COVID-19 altering nearly all aspects of daily life, including the way students learn, this survey sought insight from those on the front lines of education, specifically regarding the use and impact of ebooks. As the pandemic has changed the way educators teach, we wanted to understand what adjustments were made, and how ebooks help educators ease the transition between classroom and at-home learning. The survey found that ebooks have become even more essential for learning during the current school year.

Physical or Digital Reading

 When looking at books and ebooks it is often like comparing apples and oranges and pineapples. Somethings are just too different. Take this study that also used ebooks with lots of bells and whistles.  For reading comprehension we just need text, even adding pictures may change the effect.  There is a similar issue when they use digital text that you can't go back and look at which makes it very different than a paper test. Then too there is the practice effect. I always wonder in these studies if they would change if they only used children that had extensive digital reading experience.  Anytime you give people a new medium that they have to work with it changes the system (try driving with someone new to stick shifting - the driving is the same, that shift makes a huge difference). I'm sure that the data analysis is good, but it is also backward-looking situational.    Studies: Physical books aid reading comprehension Children perform better on reading comprehension tests af

Fluency Support -

 Good reading is always more than just putting the letters together to make words. You need to read for comprehension, fluency, learning, association, and more. One strategy that helps new or struggling readers is Reading While Listening, that is where the reader silently reads while someone else reads aloud. The research available consistently demonstrates its favorable contribution to improving reading fluency. Since improving fluency is an instructional goal of elementary schools, we should always be on the lookout for tools that can assist in improving reading fluency.  Children who are reluctant to read or who have low rates of fluency can benefit from hearing a text read aloud while they follow in a print version. When they are able to hear the words and phrases, they increase their speed and prosody (intonation) appropriate to the material being read, and are able to identify more words. In this case, though, I not thinking of reading silently. Fluency is defined as the ability

Textbooks - eTextbooks

 Was just talking to a friend in China about how her classes were working out during COVID-19. One issue that she said that she was having dealt with the students' textbooks. When they were sent home before the next semester they didn't have their textbooks for their new classes, and what with Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) there, all her students were online. The problem was that package delivery had been paused. Very different from here where Amazon broke sales records, and I saw their prime trucks everyday. To help her students she uploaded ebooks into their distance learning environment in order to help her students get their textbooks and keep up with the course instruction.  So if you are teaching ERT you might want to consider adding some public domain texts or ones that have been released under the Creative Commons license and get some books to your students.  I have three that you are welcome to use. I wrote a textbook titled Florida Science: The Science that makes Fl